Welcome new Kennedy Families and welcome back current Kennedy Families!

PTA stands for “Parent Teacher Association.”  We’re Kennedy teachers and parents advocating for all children.  We have a long history of helping with enrichment activities and community programs that aren’t fully funded by other means.  We promote the welfare of our students and their families in order to raise the quality of the Kennedy experience for all. Research has shown that when parents get involved at school, children do better in school!  The Kennedy PTA helps you stay connected and involved throughout the school year!

Become a PTA Member!

We invite all parents and teachers to participate! Join here!

Become a PTA Volunteer!

Would you like to help out at Kennedy?  Being a PTA Member doesn’t require you to volunteer, however, the PTA invites all parents and teachers to sign up as a potential volunteer.  As events unfold, we may reach out to see if you’re available to help out with specific school Dances and Socials, the annual Fall Festival, Graduation, and other school events. It’s a great way to connect with your child’s activities, the school, and other Kennedy families!  Sign up here!

Donate to your Kennedy PTA!

Every year we ask that you provide your continued support by making a tax-deductible donation.  Proceeds are used to enhance the educational experience for Kennedy students directly or indirectly.  Click on Donate!


All donations are tax deductible.  Also, Corporate Match is a great way to increase the impact. Please look into Corporate Match opportunities with your employer’s HR department, employers are happy to contribute! If possible, please donate at the beginning of the school year, but if you miss the window, donations are accepted year-round.

Mark Your Calendars! Please see events on our PTA calendar, and on the KMS school calendar. The PTA board meets on the second Monday of each month.