Your Children Need Your Help!

Please vote Yes for Measure A on your mail-in ballot
(or on May 4)

Saturday, March 27, 2021:  A big, huge Thank You to all of our volunteers who canvassed over the March 27 weekend and following weeks!!  You’re all amazing!!!  All together, you volunteers walked 32 local “turfs” in our immediate neighborhoods!!  Bless you!

Even though you did a great job and covered a majority of the turfs in our immediate neighborhoods, there are still 21 turfs nearby that remain un-canvassed.  Measure A needs a 2/3 supermajority to pass.  Unfortunately, the Campaign Team reports that they cannot really yet say with confidence that they’re “there” yet.  So the first phase of canvassing is extended until April 18. Would you please consider canvassing one of the remaining nearby “turfs” between now and April 18?  If so, please let Meena know, she’s waiting for your email with bated breath! Email Meena at communications@kennedymspta.org.

For those just joining the conversation, Measure A is the CUSD parcel tax measure on the May 4 ballot, in just 5 short weeks!!  The success of the campaign hinges on parent participation – we rely heavily on parents interacting individually with those voters who we need to help pass this measure, but who may forget to vote.  We still need canvassers through April 18, and then again on Saturday, April 24!  Measure A is the only game changer on the table right now for our school district! If Measure A does not pass, CUSD will be forced to take actions that will be difficult for the district and will impact your children directly.  If Measure A passes, then our school district will receive ~$14 million per year for 8 years, bringing our funding more fairly closer in-line with other California communities.  It will be a huge step forward in solving our budget woes.

Please help your children by signing up (Kennedy Sign Up Form) to join our socially-distanced Canvass Walk event on Saturday, April 24.  The time is flexible, you can go with friends/family, and you can pick the best time that works for you.  To see what you can expect, please watch the Canvassing Training Video (just 8 minutes). For those just starting out, you can learn more from this short slide deck about the Measure A Campaign and Socially-Distanced Canvassing Walks.

Kennedy 6th graders preparing to canvass on March 27. (permission courtesy L. Tsai)

Kennedy student and recent Kennedy grad getting ready to canvass on Saturday, March 27, 2021. Photo courtesy of PTA Board Member Xi Cheng. Posting approved by Xi Cheng.

Kennedy PTA Board members Rick Gallo and Ben Cooper hard at work, choosing canvassing turfs Saturday, March 27, 2021.  Photo courtesy PTA Board Member Jian He.

Photo courtesy PTA Board Member Rick Gallo