Dateline: March 2022:
Dear Kennedy Parents,
Your children’s teachers are currently negotiating salaries and teaching hours with CUSD. Unfortunately, due to years of budget cuts and austerity, compensation is not competitive in the County and our best teachers are looking elsewhere for opportunities. This year CUSD finally has excess funds. We wish for the District to spend the surplus on our teachers and students NOW, to maintain the quality of our kids’ education, our schools, and our community. Here are ways you as a Kennedy parent can voice your support:
(1) Fill out the Petition https://forms.gle/oeLpFcgNLFzgQiJ79
(2) Send an email to board@cusdk8.org. For a template and more information see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_dfFgNBsJLrPv0vWPvOrhRQtARJeNtgvUliIRgInNvc/edit
Thank you!
Your Kennedy PTA