AmazonSmile: micro-donations to our PTA

Hello Kennedy families!

When you start your online shopping at (instead of at, AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of the eligible sale to your chosen charity!  You can select the “John F Kennedy Middle PTA (Cupertino, CA)” to be your charity.  Admittedly, the donations are a micro-amount, just 50 cents of every $100 of eligible purchases, but every little bit helps. This program brings in approximately $300 per year, let’s see if we can increase this through more families participating!  Yes, you too can help make an incremental difference by placing your orders at

Please note: AmazonSmile is a micro-program that does not replace our need to ask families to continue generously contributing directly to the Kennedy PTA.  If you haven’t made your PTA contribution yet this year, please Contribute!

How to set up and use AmazonSmile:  On your PC, go to and select John F Kennedy Middle PTA (Cupertino, CA) as your charitable organization.  After that, you’ll need to start your future shopping on your PC at (not at  It’s easy to forget to go to instead of, so you might want to bookmark Or, you can make a habit of typing the URL “smile…” instead of “amazon…” when you start shopping on your PC.  Or you can use an extension in your browser such as the AmazonSmile 1Button Extension for Chrome.  On your Phone/Tablet, you can set AmazonSmile as the default shopping mode in your Amazon app.  You’ll know you’re using AmazonSmile because the AmazonSmile logo should be visible on your shopping page and you may see the text: Supporting: John F Kennedy Middle PTA.