Contribute 2020-2021

Dear Kennedy Parents and Teachers!

By filling out this Contribution/Membership Form, this is your opportunity to help make a difference. Thank you for your generous support of your children’s education!

Every year, the PTA helps enhance your children’s experience here at Kennedy. Again this year, please consider again contributing a little bit more to your children’s education and social/emotional development by making a direct contribution. Also, new this year, please consider including in your contribution an amount designated for unrestricted use by the Cupertino Union School District (CUSD).  Now, more than ever, your contribution is needed. Not only are we one of the lowest-funded school districts in all of California but we’re literally losing teachers and instructional aids to nearby districts.  Our teachers are our pillars. In order to build a strong foundation in academics, we need to invest in our teachers, our district and our students.

We urge you to contribute $250 per student to the Kennedy PTA (unchanged from last year), plus $150 per student to the PTA designated for the CUSD.  For background, please view this recorded webinar of Mr. Nuño’s and the CUSD’s Budget discussion with the Kennedy community Wednesday, September 16, 2020. Also, here are two other online resources to learn about school funding:


As always, PTA funding covers many programs, see examples of them here. Learn more about PTA Membership benefits.