Parent Education

Parent Education: Important current topics affecting Kennedy families.

  • COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP) for CUSD. You can read the Draft CPP and provide your feedback directly to
  • Parent Advisory Committee
    Here is the February 2, 2021 meeting presentation which includes an update on the reopening of schools.
  • CUSD Parcel Tax
    Here is the Parcel Tax Campaign Update as of the end of January.
  • CUSD Public School
    This Website helps parents understand funding here in our school district, and the Actions you can take.
  • California‚Äôs Education Funding Crisis Explained in 12 Charts
    This WebSite summarizes state-level issues. Explained by PACE (Policy Analysis for California Education, an independent, non-partisan research center led by directors at Stanford, USC, UC Davis, UCLA and UC Berkeley)