Parent Info

Wednesday, Sept 8, 2021: Kennedy PTA monthly meeting: Sept 8 PTA Agenda (includes link to August 11 meeting minutes).

Tuesday, Sept 7, 2021: CUSD held a Parent Advisory Committee meeting, here are the slides: There is a new CUSD Covid-19 Dashboard. You can select “Kennedy”, then select the weeks or days you are interested in.  The data is updated as it happens, i.e., if there is new data it gets posted the same day. Also, CUSD recently received Federal Stimulus funding of $2,469,620 for all of CUSD.  Twenty percent, or $494,000 is to be for things related to addressing the academic impact of lost instructional time, for those who need it. Please see Slide #9 for a link to a JamBoard where parents can provide feedback (time-sensitive).

Sept 6-Sept 10: Click into your PTA Newsletter which includes an update on our PTA Contributions goal, the PTA Reflections program, and how to join PTA meetings.