PTA Exec Board

The Kennedy PTA Board

Charter: We, the KMS PTA Board, work with the PTA Association membership and the Principal and Teachers at Kennedy Middle School to help identify, fund, and drive programs and activities to enhance the Kennedy students’ experience.  Board elections are annually at the end of the school year and we strive for multi-year involvement for continuity.

Kennedy PTA Exec Board 2020-2021

  • President: Xi Cheng
  • Executive VP: Ben Cooper
  • Secretary: Currently Open! Please consider standing for election! 🙂
  • Treasurer: Indu Karthik
  • Auditor: Atul Gupta
  • Historian: Cathy Chen
  • Parliamentarian: Rick Gallo

Kennedy PTA Executive Committee: 

  • Direct Donation: Vidya Murthy
  • Communications: Meena Krishnan
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Jian He
  • Hospitality: Sandy Baba, Lakshmi Chamarthy

Kennedy PTA Standing Committee: 

  • Reflections: Cathy Chen
  • Fall Fest Chair: Anu Murthy, Neeta Sinha

PTA Board Meetings: The PTA Board meets on the second Monday of each month, at 6:00 PM in the CLC , or on videoconference.  In these meetings the PTA Board discusses and votes upon the PTA issues of the day.  All PTA Members are welcome to attend to observe and participate.