PTA Exec Board

The Kennedy PTA Board

Charter: We, the KMS PTA Board, work with the Principal and Teachers at Kennedy Middle School to identify and drive parent-teacher activities that enhance the Kennedy students’ experience.  We’re elected annually at the end of the school year and we strive for multi-year involvement for better continuity.

Kennedy PTA Exec Board 2019-2020

  • President: Xi Cheng
  • Executive VP: Jerry Liu
  • Secretary: Ally Huang, Sharath Ramaswamy
  • Treasurer: Indu Karthik
  • Auditor: David Ouyang
  • Historian: Paige Zhang
  • Parliamentarian: Leena Borle

Kennedy PTA Executive Committee: 

  • Direct Donation: Vidya Murthy, Qinfang Sun
  • Communications: Vinita Singh
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Jian He
  • Hospitality: Sandy Baba, Lakshmi Chamarthy

PTA Board Meetings: The PTA Board meets on the second Monday of each month, at 6:00 PM in the CLC , or on videoconference.  In these meetings the PTA Board discusses and votes upon the PTA issues of the day.  All PTA Members are welcome to attend to observe and participate.