Reflections 2020-2021


Congratulations to the Kennedy Participants in the 2021-2022 Reflections competition!  This year’s theme was “I Will Change the World By…”.

Next year’s theme (2022-2023) is ‘Show Your Voice!’
Students are encouraged to work on their entries over the summer!

In January 2022, the Cupertino-Fremont-Sunnyvale Council of PTAs announced the winners of the Council level PTA Reflections “I Will Change the World By…” Program. All the Kennedy entries that advanced to the council level won an award!!  The 2022 Award Ceremony was held Friday, May 13, 2022, where our Principal Mr. Nuño presented certificates and medals.  All Kennedy participants received a certificate and a medal! Thank you to Sooyoung, Tanisi, Jonathan, Alice, Yejin, Aric, Chole, Evan, Harshita, and Sonali, for their entries and their creative skills!  Congratulations to all the Participants!!

  • Visual Arts: “The little thing I chose” – Sooyoung C.

  • Photography: “Helping Others” – Tanisi R.

  • Film: “The Magic of a Carrot”– Jonathan H.

  • Literature: “She Changed the World”– Aaryan S.

Caption: Thank you to all our participants for sharing their creativity and thinking skills! We had a total of 12 entries and everyone did a great job. Thank you also to the Judges and Mr Nuño and Cathy Chen!