What we Fund

Thanks to the generous contributions of Parents & Teachers, the PTA is able to help enrich the educational experience of Kennedy students!

The PTA helps out with anything that enhances, improves, or nurtures academic development, social-emotional-attitudinal development, specific skills, or the desire to learn and create by many of the students at Kennedy, consistent with the District’s Academic Performance Standards. In this school year 2021-2022 your Kennedy PTA has already approved two staff grants, set aside funds for social-emotional learning, and hosted a teacher welcome-back luncheon, and we’re getting ready to do more.

In the school year 2020-2021 your Kennedy PTA approved and spent funds of approximately $90,000 to enhance Kennedy kids’ experiences, particularly during the pandemic, including:

  • Social-Emotional Learning Program.
  • Associate Student Body (aka Student Council).
  • 8th grade Graduation Program
  • Wrestling Uniforms
  • MacBook Pro for the Creative Media elective class to create Video Announcements, an integral part of the school.
  • Modern high capacity heavy duty Copy Machine to replace KMS’s obsolete copier
  • Modern stackable Computer Carts to store, secure, charge, and safely transport iPads and Computers inside the classroom as well as across the campus.
  • Books (160 copies of “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You”).
  • A modern computer for IT support of all students/staff during Distance Learning.
  • Online Subscriptions for Distance Learning (ebooks, Speech, writing, teletherapy, social skills, Kami, Padlet, NoRedInk).
  • Supplies for Science Kits for Distance Learning.
  • Supplies for elective kits during Distance Learning (art, woodshop, photo, makerspace).
  • Professional Development resources for teachers (writing, anti-racism/social justice education, Distance Learning skills).
  • Overhead tripod for Culinary demos for Distance Learning.
  • Presentation TV on rolling stand for diverse use across campus when kids return to campus.
  • Sturdy modern walkie-talkie radios to replace aged equipment. These new more-capable radios were first put into good use when KMS re-opened (from the pandemic shutdown) in April 2021.
  • Click into these recent Teacher Testimonials related to Staff Grants for Distant Learning and other areas last year.

Programs that your PTA has helped with in the past include Student activities, Student assemblies, Student store, Fall Festival, Spring Festival, 6th grade social, 7th grade dance, 8th grade dance, 8th grade Graduation, Parent education, Principal’s coffee, Teacher’s Appreciation events, Staff Program Grants, Teacher’s Professional Development, Technology, Enrichment programs, Emergency preparedness.

Contributions from parents, teachers and community members enable the programs above and enrich the education experience for Kennedy students. If you haven’t yet, please join and contribute to the PTA now by clicking into this Membership and Contribution Form!

Thank You!