What we Fund

Thanks to your generous contributions, the PTA is able to help fund student enrichment programs at Kennedy!

The PTA uses the proceeds from parent contributions and other fund-raising activities to help enrich the educational experience of Kennedy students. We consider helping out with anything that enhances, improves, or nurtures academic development, social-emotional-attitudinal development, specific skills, or the desire to learn and create by many of the students at Kennedy, consistent with the District’s Academic Performance Standards.

Programs that the PTA has helped with:

• Student activities grant, Student assemblies, Student store
• Fall Festival, Spring Festival
• 6th grade social, 7th and 8th grade dance, Graduation
• Parent education
• Principal’s coffee, Teacher’s Appreciation events
• Staff Program Grants, Teacher’s Professional Development
• Technology, Enrichment programs
• Emergency preparedness

Please contribute and/or join now using this online Membership and Contribution Form.  While making your tax-deductible contribution, we hope you join the PTA if you haven’t already.  Your contributions are used to enrich the education experience for Kennedy students.  This year due to Covid-19, we have arranged for everything to be completed online, so you don’t have to risk any physical presence.